Since 2000 Bornemann is involved in Subsea Multiphase Boosting Projects. In addition to the oil and gas market Bornemann twin screw pumps are used in the food, pharmacy and chemical industry pumping fluids which are highly complex and difficult to handle.



Bornemann is specialist in twin-screw pumping technology, both on- and offshore. Bornemann has the world’s largest experience in supplying pumps and systems to the oil and gas industry for applications related to multiphase boosting, wet-gas-compression and heavy oil pumping.

SAACKE steam pressure atomizer DDZ-M: Unrivalled efficiency thanks to 10% less fuel consumption and CO emissions below 20 mg/m³


Specially developed for maritime shipping and FPSO units.


The new DDZ-M involves a special nozzle system with targeted air supply that expands the control range of the burner up to 1:15 and thus reduces CO emissions to less than 20 mg/m³ at the rated capacity. This burner was specially developed for maritime shipping and is fundamentally suitable for use on ships with high heat requirements and in connection with FPSO units.

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