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You expect unsurpassed reliability and certainty from SAACKE Systems.  To us, that means more than just providing you with dependable technology and service - our purpose is to give you confidence in your ships' ability to comply with international admiralty law and regulations.

For this reason, we are especially proud to announce that our Exhaust Gas Scrubber is the first system to receive DNV GL certification!


Now you can operate the SAACKE Scrubber without restrictions. Gone are the days of permits with expiration dates.

Would you like to learn about the numerous advantages that SAACKE's DNV GL certified Scrubber offers you?  Or perhaps you would like us to put together a quote for your specific needs?


Feel free to contact Oceandynamic or Mr. Stipe Skoric with any questions you have about our Scrubber.  We will also gladly furnish you, at your request, with a quotation for a custom solution.


For your convenience, we have provided you with the relevant links to contact us or request a quote.  You will find them below by clicking on the images.


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