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We are pleased to invite you to attend the sixth SNAME technical meeting for the 2014-2015 season, during which Mr. Ljubomir Markulin, Head of Retrofit and Scrubber Department of SAACKE Marine Systems, Croatia, will speak on the subject of :


"Exhaust Gas Scrubbers - An Abatement System as an Alternative under IMO MARPOL Annex VI''


IMO MARPOL Annex VI regulates the emissions from ships engaged in international trade and the limits applicable in Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs) will be reduced to 0.10 %, effective from 1 January 2015 and 0.50 % as a global sulphur cap from 1 January 2020.  Regulation 4 allows flag administrations to approve alternative means of compliance that are at least as effective in terms of emissions reduction as the prescribed Sulphur limits in ECA zones.  To meet SOx emission limits, Shipowners currently have two main options: using low-sulphur fuels or using a SOx scrubber.  The choice depends on a number of factors, including the price difference of compliant low-sulphur MDO and HFO fuels, the amount of time that the ship is expected to spend inside ECA-SOx, the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX) of the SOx scrubber.  SAACKE has developed and successfully installed on 2 vessels a system that fully complies with the regulations solely by using sea water and without adding any chemicals to the process.  This presentation will give an insight to the development of the system and different challenges met on the way.


Date and location for our meeting are:


Date        : Thursday, February 19th 2015
Time         : 7.00 pm
Location  : The auditorium of Maran and Alpha Tankers
                    354 Syngrou Ave., Kallithea, Athens
                    (building before the Onassion Hospital)


After the meeting hors d'oeuvres, wine, soft drinks, etc. will be served.


The normal participation fee is 5 euros for members and students and 10 euros for non-members, which will be paid at the entrance prior to the start of the meeting. In order to be excluded from the participation fee please register on-line (click here!).


We look forward to seeing you on February 19th! 



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