pumps121Since 2000 Bornemann is involved in Subsea Multiphase Boosting Projects.


In addition to the oil and gas market Bornemann twin screw pumps are used in the food, pharmacy and chemical industry pumping fluids which are highly complex and difficult to handle. Bornemann is specialist in twin-screw pumping technology, both on and offshore. Bornemann has the world’s largest experience in supplying pumps and systems to the oil and gas industry for applications related to multiphase boosting, wet-gas-compression and heavy oil pumping.

Subsea oil production requires the conveyance of fluids from the well to the next receiving station at the surface (on- or offshore) through pipeline systems. Subsea boosting and processing stations can be integrated subsea and the fluids in these systems are in most of the cases oil-water-gas mixtures coming with the natural untreated well production. High safety requirements prevent leaks from occurring. In the very unlikely event of a leakage, the contamination to the environment should be detected and collected as soon as possible.


In case of a subsea leak, oil and gas will be released into the seawater environment.
The hot oil and gas will be quickly depressurized to seawater pressure, solved gas will come out of solution and lighter hydrocarbon components will vaporize. The oil and gas mixture will cool down rapidly when getting in contact with seawater. The oil viscosity changes and light and heavy oil components will separate. Intensive mixing of oil and water can create highly viscose water-oil-emulsions and should therefore be avoided. Oil, water and gas mixtures are well known and can be safely handled by well approved multiphase pumps.

When a leakage occurs, the Bornemann Oil and Gas leakage collection system SOGS is brought in place and starts to collect as much hydrocarbons as possible. The above drawn concept is designed by pump experts with eminent experience in handling unconventional products. It is verified by oil, gas and hydrate experts and considered a viable solution. The technology is available, components are in operation and approved.







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