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SAACKE on board; this means reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient combustion plants for sea-going vessels, offshore plants and LNG tankers.


In order to maintain the high efficiency of any boiler, the most important operation is routine cleaning, in order to remove carbon and particle deposits from inside the tubes.


Boilers are designed to work with a specific flue gas velocity inside the tubes to ensure proper heat transfer to the water/steam side. When the tubes are clogged with soot, the efficiency is significacntly lowered until one day the backpressure is so high that the burner cannot even start.


How to Tell if Cleaning is Needed?


After a certain time in operation, soot deposits inevitably accumulate inside the boiler. The quantity of soot and the time it needs to form depend on factors such as fuel oil quality, boiler load and how the burner is adjusted. Therefore, the frequency of soot cleaning varies from one boiler to another and it is impossible to specify exact values for general application.


However, there are three methods to check if soot cleaning is necessary:


  • Visual inspection inside the boiler
  • Checking of the exhaust gas temperature (clean if exh. gas is 25oC above figure for a clean boiler)
  • Checking the draught loss (clean if backpressure exceeds 150% of clean boiler furnace backpressure)


Keep your Boiler Tubes Clean the Easy Way


Normal cleaning procedures mentioned in the user manual are very good when done on time, however since these procedures are labour intensive and time consuming, most crew members postpone them until they are no longer applicable and the soot deposits become like cement.


SAACKE offer 2 solutions for different types of boiler tubes and these cleaning devices are available not only for SAACKE boilers - most boiler types are covered if the respective tube diameter is advised.


These cleaning tools will help with general boiler cleanliness through significantly simplifying the procedure for the crew who will actually be able to clean the boiler and will not avoid the task until everything is blocked.

The investment will easily be recovered by higher boiler efficiency and less fuel consumption. And less headache for the vessel, managers and owners because a clean boiler will avoid burner trouble from high backpressure, expensive spare parts, loss of EGB efficiency during slow-steaming.


For Tubular (usually straight) Tubes


Putzmaus - Smoke Tube Cleaner


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For Pin Tubes


PurePin - Pin Tube Cleaner


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Boiler Cleaning is a Hard Job, Let SAACKE Tools do the Work


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