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The IMO met at the end of October 2016 and now it's official: From 2020, new regulations for sulfur emissions will apply worldwide (IMO resolution). What appears at first sight to be a long way off becomes on closer examination a race against time. Because with conversion projects taking around 18 months, as well as the limited capacity of the few providers in the market, it quickly becomes clear that action is required! If companies wait too long, they run the risk of high fines.


For new-builds and existing ships there are three ways to meet the guidelines for 0.5 percent sulfur emissions: exhaust gas scrubbing, using MGO or converting to LNG.


Exhaust gas scrubbing as the economical option
In many cases, the most economical and at the same time the sustainable option is the exhaust gas cleaning system. The SAACKE EGCS-HM scrubber guarantees the continued use of heavy fuel oil, while reliably complying with the required emissions values. Its short amortization period makes it attractive for new-builds and retrofits alike. Our scrubber system was officially certified by the classification society DNV-GL and has been successfully tested in practice.


Proven cost-saving potential
The Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG shipping line has now been operating the EGCS-HM on its tanker, the MT Levana, for two years. "With a current price difference of around 150 US dollars per ton between heavy fuel oil and MGO, the investment in a scrubber is amortized in a short time. Shipping companies can make a profit within two years," stresses Andreas von Minden, Sales Director Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems at SAACKE.


Maintaining an overview with SAACKE
Whether LNG, MGO or scrubber – the correct choice depends on a large number of individual criteria. SAACKE experts use special tools and their experience to advise you in making the correct decision. Even after successful commissioning, we will still be there for you with services ranging from maintenance to training.


Secure a slot for conversion
From 2020 there is the threat of high fines for non-compliance with the IMO regulations. This is why you should secure your slot for the conversion of your fleet in good time! We will be happy to arrange a personal consultation for you.


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Kai Grosse-Hellweg          Andreas von Minden

Head of Sales                     Sales Director

Marine Systems                 Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

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