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SAACKE are breaking new ground in methane combustion on LNG tankers with this new product - the GCU evo.

The further development of the well-known GCU series, the first Gas Combustion Units ever - which have been designed by SAACKE from 2004 on, consists of a cost-effective combination of the combustion unit with a modified grid burner.

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In order to take into account, the ever-decreasing space available in the engine room of LNG tankers, SAACKE have designed this system solution with significantly smaller dimensions - with the same or even improved performance. In addition to saving space, the new model offers further advantages such as:


  • reduced NOx emissions in the range of 60 to 80 mg/m3 thanks to the special cold flame technology,
  • digital remote maintenance which can be used for online diagnostics from shore, as well as, for preventive remote analysis


The optimized design not only reduces the required space on board, but also the installation costs for Owners when using a SAACKE GCU.
Maintenance costs can be reduced, due to the lower complexity of the system.


No special foundation is required for the GCU evo


The system can be mounted directly on the deck as a stand-alone unit with simple installation. In addition, due to its compact design and functionality, the surface burner offers a short flame and requires a smaller number of blowers.

In contrast to two separate zones for combustion and mixing air for cooling the gases, with the GCU evo all the air is sent over the surface burner and only mixed further downstream. Instead of a separate radial blower, only one air blower is required. As a result, lower temperatures (approx. 600°C) are generated in the combustion chamber and the combustion chamber material (limit temperature: 1.100 °C) is subjected to significantly less stress.

In terms of space saving, as well as, technical details:


This GCU system is currently unrivaled on the market


The further development does not forego the proven strengths of the GCU classic such as fail-safe control, electric ignition and the 100 % free-flow solution for combustion of the methane components in the climate-damaging boil-off gas without a compressor and at very low pressure.

The GCU evo, is available in different output sizes from 0,4 to 4,5 t/h methane combustion with various size gradations and an output of 5,5 to 63 MW.



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