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“ We have done our homework over the past year with various filtration systems, and we have determined that the GreenOil units will be our equipment of choice for our lubrication oils going forward. We will be purchasing more of these in the future for installation on the engines and propulsion equipment. ”

Paul Kearley, Senior Marine Engineer, Atlantic Towing



There are a number of options for cleaning lube oil, the one most widely used today being through centrifugal purifiers / separators.


We usually pre-heat the oil to 93-95°C and transfer it into the bowl of a centrifugal purifier / separator. After the oil is cleaned, it returns to the engine again, where it is cooled down to about 60-65°C, sometimes to an even lower temperature when the engine is not running.


We heat and we cool, is this good for the oil properties and are we sure we get rid of the contaminants we trust we remove?


Is this solution the most energy efficient and least time consuming?


Heating the oil to high temperatures starts the oxidation process which has influence on the oil viscosity. Heating the oil also creates varnish build up in areas where limited circulation occurs.


When removing combustion residues in a centrifugal separator, the equipment performance depends on what we are removing:


  • For wear elements, the centrifugal separator is depending on the elements’ density which need to be higher than that of the oils.
  • Typically soot and insolubles are having the same or lower density than the oils, which makes it very difficult to remove them by using a centrifugal separator / purifier.




“ Good afternoon. Attached are the latest records of Green Oil Filtration System, and probably next log sheet to be sent end of this month. So far both units are working well, and the latest oil analysis done on board in both engines are 0.01 % of water content. Also, it was observed that the oil consumptions of both main engines were decrease. Because no more L.O. purifier that same time its operation got malfunction and discharge some of the oil.

This Green Oil Filtration System is much more convenient, and less maintenance compared to L.O. Purifier. ”


Nelson B. Onday, Chief Engineer onboard UBC Cork at Intership Navigation



What we try to avoid is water into the engine!

But water is inserted into the centrifugal separator / purifier process where high risk of water contamination can happen!


The centrifugal separator requires high skills and knowledge to operate and to overhaul / clean / service. Water in engines is mostly caused by wrong assembly / adjustment of the centrifugal separator, where water contamination is often happening with the oil and ends up into the engine as a result.


Can you recognize this point, having seen your oil samples showing water percentage?

How can we find the most optimal solution and energy efficient way to gain clean and dry oil for our engines?

GreenOil Standard filtration systems eliminate the many challenges and provide numerous advantages!


A new, truly efficient technology which over the years has been repeatedly tested with great results on many different engines. The solution is suitable for both 2 and 4 stroke engines.


Maersk Line


“ GreenOil filters use a lot less energy than separators and if the filters are able to handle the necessary volume of oil, GreenOil filters are a very good alternative to separators in our experience. In the end, the goal is to avoid operational shutdowns caused by bad oil quality. ”

Frants Sommer Reuss, Fleet Group Manager at Maersk Line



GreenOil Logo


With the use of sheep wool, a natural “green” material - the sheep wool is compressed together to a deep filter element and creates millions of labyrinths.


The system is energy efficient, using only minimal electricity, does not create any sludge or waste products and most importantly it does not require any high technical skills for performing service and maintenance! CLICK HERE to watch how easy service and maintenance can be done onboard your vessels!


Torm Moselle


“ Our experience with oil filtration instead of centrifugation is very good. GreenOil filters are very simple and user-friendly solution, ensuring the same quality of oil purification at less than half the annual operating cost of a centrifuge. ”

Lars Skov Nielsen, Chief Engineer onboard Torm Moselle at Torm



The oil is transferred into the filtration system and passes through the deep filter element. Combustion residues, wear elements, varnish, oxidation residues are being removed from the lubrication oil and are caught inside the filter element.


The solutions require no need for additional preheating of the oil. This saves energy but it also avoids oxidation and varnish build up.


Many engines operate continually with water in the engine lubrication oil, as a direct cause of the centrifugal separator operation / wrong assembly / adjustment etc.


With the use of only GreenOil filtration system, the water contamination is totally eliminated.


Simplicity with GreenOil filtration systems brings cleaner oil, much less energy consumption, easier maintenance without any possible human failures, energy saving and much less annual operating cost!

Simplicity? We call the solution Back To Basics!




“ We have found the GreenOil filters on board Ark Germania very satisfactory, and it corresponds to the experience on board other ships in the DFDS fleet, where they use the GreenOil filters as well. ”

Per Severinsen, Chief Engineer onboard Ark Germania at DFDS



GreenOil are offering a unique product; they are the only manufacturer on the market, who are able to remove free water particles, emulsified and bound water from any oil type!

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