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Peace of Mind for the Boiler


A burner breakdown on the high seas or at a far, remote location always comes at a bad time. With top urgent courier expenses, change to alternative fuels and other headaches piling up, the trouble becomes even worse. And it goes without saying that cost-intensive off-hire periods and delays are not an option.


For such cases, it is of the utmost importance to have a suitable and well thought-out spare parts stock on board enabling the crew to restore the vital functions of the burner so that the vessel can safely make its way to the next convenient port on the route.

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Safe Return to Port Kit


SAACKE’s experienced engineers have compiled all critical parts for you and packed them into the sturdy blue Safe Return to Port box. So you have everything at your fingertips to ensure the seaworthiness of your vessel and at the same time avoid tied up capital for superfluous parts.



The SAACKE SRTP kit contains all essentials for manual emergency operation of the boiler/burner unit :


  • Electrical motors for atomizer, FD-Fan & fuel pump
  • Motor starters - one for each size installed
  • Power contactors - one for each size installed
  • Safety contactors - one for each size installed
  • Mechanical parts for burner unit
  • Gaskets and sealings,
  • Overhaul kits, etc.
  • Optional: level safety switch
  • Optional: pilot burner ,compl.



All Benefits at a Glance


  • Reduces the risk of boiler/burner downtime
  • Improves stock status on board by having only the truly essential parts in stock
  • Service engineers can use parts available on board for short notice attendances
  • Offers a commercial benefit from ordering kits instead of individual parts (savings compared to standard price lists)
  • Helps avoiding short notice orders and express shipment cost



Get your SAACKE Safe-Return-to-Port kit today and make sure that your boilers will be able to run, at least in manual mode, until the next convenient port.


Keep your Boiler Running


This well-thought-out kit is the perfect support for operators to prevent high expenses in case of burner failure. The spare parts box contains all critical parts for manual burner operation to ensure the vessel’s seaworthiness for a safe return to the next convenient port. It only contains parts with almost unlimited shelf life. After each removal of parts, the box can be easily refilled thanks to the included list. The SAACKE SRTP kit can thus be quickly made ready for use again. Operators should not miss out on this valuable SAACKE support.



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