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What is the Putzmaus®?
The Putzmaus® is an automatic cleaning system which works in small spaces and is driven by compressed air. With its powerful yet gentle stainless steel brushes, it can return any flue gas tube to a high polish with no material damage, thereby assuring that the best possible heat transfer and, consequently, the highest possible efficiency with the smallest consumption of fuel is achieved once again.



The Putzmaus® Advantage


Putzmaus® is an Austrian designed and precision engineered tube cleaning system that has been in use in Europe for more than fifteen years.

Conceived specifically to increase boiler efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, Putzmaus® tube cleaning equipment also protects metal tubes from unnecessary loss of material, which extends the life of the tube. Putzmaus brushes are made from soft stainless steel, and pulse forward and backward in the tube with no spinning action. You save on both energy and repair costs. kit 2 transparent Putzmaus® is the best!

  • Soft stainless steel brushes won’t scratch or scar giving tubes years of additional use
  • All residue and corrosion is removed restoring tubes to a high polish and maximum efficiency
  • Air-driven hose feeds and returns automatically–anyone can use it
  • No gauges to monitor
  • No pre-cooling required–high-temperature hose is rated to 400°C
  • Residue is pushed to far end of tube and remains there for easy vacuuming
  • Minimal clearance space required
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry and store
  • Economical pricing

All Putzmaus® models are manufactured in Austria. Built with the highest quality of craftsmanship, all kit contents also carry a full year warranty.  


Watch and be amazed!

Putzmaus® is now sold through SAACKE MARINE SYSTEMS for the global marine market.
Please contact us for more information and volume discount pricing.

Download the Putzmaus® Brochure Here

Let the Putzmaus do the work


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