Lube Oil Consumption Marine 2020


After 2022, it is now 2 years since the new fuel regulations came into force and the majority of 2-stroke engines in the world switched to VLSO. 


At MFT we have seen continuous good results with the Blend-on-Board units, as the need for renewal of the system oil is still there and even if the need for adjusting the BN due to the Sulphur corrosion is reduced, the need for adjustment to get the right detergency has risen with the lower Sulphur content of the fuels.


Technical Benefits


In addition to the cleaner Main Engine system oil and the possibility to adjust the BN to get the right detergency without the need to switch between different grades, BOB also gives the crew onboard a much easier task in finding the minimum feed rate and this what creates savings in the cylinder oil consumption.





Clear Savings


With cleaner system oil, the need for the purifier to be in operation 24/7 is reduced and we have now seen Owners installing GreenOil filters instead of using the purifier with several advantages:


  • Reduced losses of system oil (no purifier discharges)


  • Reduced maintenance on the purifier with fewer (or no) running hours


  • Reduced need for pre-heating which saves energy (heating steam comes from an oil-fired boiler when the Main Engine is not running in port or at anchor) which in these times with the CII and and an increased focus on energy consumption should be an advantage.


BOB Graphic      



Reduce Wasted Oil


Blend-on-Board can still give you many advantages in the cylinder condition and a cleaner engine with continuously renewed system oil. With reduced waste the oil supplied to the vessel is used and not ending up in the sludge tank.  Picture5
 This not only saves energy, component wear, system oil, cylinder oil but also helps the environmental goals of many shipowners. Picture6


Take A Quick Look At BOB



 You can also find more about Marine Fluid Technology and BOB by clicking here.


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