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TULLP is a Dutch independent manufacturer of replacement spare parts for separation and filtration equipment. Located in the heart of Europe’s shipping community, TULLP strives to optimise the maintenance of it’s customers separation & filtration equipment by minimizing downtime and reducing operational costs.


Originally established in 2005, TULLP are the Dutch go-to company for separator spare parts.



What TULLP offers


Fresh Water Generators        
Heat Exchangers        
Back Flushing Filters







Back flushing



TULLP spare parts guarantee trouble-free operation and have similar or even better lifecycles than original spare parts!


The unique combination of knowledge & unprecedented reverse engineering enables TULLP to supply high-quality products, specific and reliable maintenance solutions that will help you increase the running hours between scheduled maintenance and reduce operational costs, improving your bottom line.


TULLP focusses on producing a wide range of spare parts, such as:



The complete scope of supply can be found on TULLP's download page.


TULLP hold a comprehensive range of stock for quick and reliable delivery and have a good solid Dutch mentality, where a personal approach and high levels of service come first.


Its fully automated in-house supply chain gives TULLP total control over product quality and ensures full traceability of our spare parts, from raw material to final product. As TULLP is an independent Dutch brand, it can guarantee outstanding, unparalleled quality and offer a 12-month manufacturing guarantee to all customers.


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Max Assist Service Programme




Through their Max Assist programme TULLP provide customers with technical support and dedicated service. There is a team of highly classified engineers ready to go on board to complete repairs, overhauls and also provide training.


As a leader in separation and filtration technology, TULLP understands the problems and difficulties your engineers face during the overhaul and maintenance of your equipment. TULLP’s goal is to set new quality and durability standards, to help you achieve optimal efficiency throughout the lifecycle of your separation and filtration equipment.


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